As an automation visionary, you know the potential of Green Button Go™Automation Scheduling Software. Biosero offers three training programs to help you maximize the potential of the software to improve your lab operations


Biosero offers three Green Button Go training programs to support users with beginner, advanced and developer automation skills. These comprehensive, immersive sessions are limited to 10 students to ensure a supportive learning environment.

For more information you can also contact us at or 858-880-7376.

Basic Training – 1 Day

Basic Training is for anyone who has no prior experience with Green Button Go software and is responsible for its operation, maintenance and automated workflows.

Software Installation

  • Install and register software and drivers
  • Start a program from scratch
  • Teach a robotic arm to work with the software
  • Add instruments

Develop Methods

  • Create and modify layouts
  • Configure instruments and storage
  • Set up a robot arm and processes
  • Employ process configurations

Schedule & Run Simulations

  • Schedule scenarios
  • Run simulations and programs
  • Troubleshoot runtime issues
  • Simple error handling

Resources Provided

  • Green Button Go software installation and license
  • Example methods
  • Other helpful training documents
Advanced Training – 3 Days

Advanced Training is for users who develop, maintain and troubleshoot Green Button Go software for workcells.

This training covers all the topics in Basic Training, plus:

Advanced Method Development

  • Teaching robots
  • Storage management
  • Pooling instruments
  • Advanced process configurations using procedures variables, screens and scripts
  • Instrument and workflow processes

Teach Pendant Use

  • Setting locations
  • Interacting with hotels and stacks
  • Sequences

Runtime Troubleshooting

  • Customizing error handling
  • Runtime modifications and instrument control

Sophisticated Features

  • Modifying variable values
  • Modifying data tables
  • User account levels
  • Liquid Handler Driver logic

Resources Provided

  • Example script library
  • Example methods
Developer Training – 3 Days

Developer Training is for anyone who has programming experience and is responsible for customizing Green Button Go automated workflows. Participation in Advanced Training is required to register for this class. The session covers the following topics:

Driver Development

  • Using the Visual Studio Driver template
  • Building simple single, complex and multi-nest drivers

Develop Plugins

  • Add workflow commands, tools and settings
  • Messaging and logging system hooks
  • Runtime database interface
  • Program interaction and remote interfaces
  • Build sample plugins for customized error handling, GUI interaction, custom logging and text-to-speech


  • Getting and setting variables
  • Reading and writing to runtime data tables
  • Script-level instrument interface
  • Ready evaluation scripting
  • Common scripts scenarios

Resources Provided

  • Visual Studio Driver project template
  • SDK documentation for driver and plugin development
  • Core API documentation
  • Sample driver and plugin projects