COVID-19 Labs

Accelerate your research and testing

Free 6-month software license with purchase of implementation package

Biosero is offering an automation start-up program to reduce the initial costs of automating laboratory workflows for labs working to address COVID-19. Work with a laboratory automation expert on a complimentary basis to measure your current automation capabilities, data requirements, and identify the automation goals you are looking to achieve. Biosero will provide you a comprehensive Automation Assessment report that evaluates your automation readiness.


Labs engaged in COVID-19 research are eligible to participate in the program.

  • Vaccine research and production
  • Antibody research
  • R&D of therapeutics and pharmaceuticals
  • Sample preparation
  • Diagnostic testing
Goal Setting

After eligibility is confirmed, Biosero wants to understand your lab’s goals.

  • Throughput rate
  • Cost per sample
  • Daily processing volume
  • Accuracy measures
  • Method parameters
  • Data requirements

Automation readiness assesses equipment capabilities and software needs.

  • Determine the automation capabilities of equipment you already own
  • Recommend equipment that support your application and meet your budgetary requirements
  • Provide a system configuration design for your required workflow
Automation Assessment

You’ll receive a written report outlining how to achieve your automation goals and the time frame to do so. It includes:

  • A list of your current equipment that is automation-ready
  • Recommended instruments to support your workflows and goals
  • An outline of the software requirements for the integrated platform
  • Estimated costs and time frame for set-up and implementation
About Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software

Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software is a device-agnostic platform that fully automation equipment into a cohesive automation ecosystem. Automating scientific instruments and equipment. Green Button Go software runs processes 365/24/7 increasing output producing reliable data for analysis and capturing secure records.


See how Green Button Go software guides you through the automation experience with its intuitive graphical interface and robust tools. In this 30-minute demonstration, a Biosero automation expert will show you how to create a laboratory process, run the method in simulation and point out software tools specific to your workflow.