Green Button Go Software Collaboration Programs

Team up with Biosero to create everyday automation success


Plug-and-Play Automation

Cutting-edge technology deserves top-of-the-line automation scheduling software. Your customers rely on your sophisticated technology and instrumentation and require a robust, intuitive automation interface to meet their complex goals. Biosero will partner with you to help bring best-in-class, complete workflow automation solutions to help them achieve everyday automation success.


Validated Automation Bundles

After purchasing hardware, your customers will need to automate sample handling. Partnering with Biosero, you can provide customers a dynamic lab solution they can deploy quickly and easily.

Biosero provides pre-validated automation solutions and bundles your customers will find approachable. Bundles are cost-effective and can expand as required as the need for throughput increases. Green Button Go software guides them through the automation experience, empowering them to control the timing and scheduling of their experiments, ensuring success every day.

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